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Would you like to make the large, red and/or blue veins in your legs fade from sight—or to eliminate pain and swelling in your legs?


Since the 1920s, sclerotherapy has remained a popular method for eliminating varicose, spider, and reticular veins. This effective, safe, and often permanent treatment involves small injections, causing veins to collapse and disappear.


Sclerotherapy is often done for cosmetic purposes, but can also improve related symptoms including:


  • Leg pain

  • Aching

  • Heaviness

  • Chronic swelling

  • Itching

  • Burning

  • Night cramps / restless legs



Please note:

Sclerotherapy for spider and reticular veins is not covered by provincial health insurance. However, some extended health plans may cover part of the cost. For more information, contact your insurance company.


If upon full evaluation it is determined you need treatment for varicose veins, Touch of Eden will refer you elsewhere for treatment. Treatment for varicose veins may be covered by OHIP. A consultation with a nurse practitioner or family doctor is required to receive sclerotherapy.


New patients: please fill out the form below prior to your consultation; or download, complete by hand, and bring with you to your first appointment.




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